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The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) entitles its holder to act as a pilot in commercial aviation. In order to participate in the CPL course, you must have a private pilot licence and the night flight rating (NF) and a total flight experience of at least 150 hours, of which 100 hours as an aircraft commander.

The theory part of the CPL course contains 250 hours of theory. In the flight training part, a total of 30 hours are flown. For holders of instrument rating (IR), the flight training is 15 hours. Flights are performed with Cessna 152  and Piper Turbo Arrow IV aircrafts. 

A commercial pilot's license without additional qualifications entitles you to fly in commercial aviation operations in visual flight conditions, with a single-engine aircraft. In addition, you can fly, for example, an instrument or multi-engine rating. Most airlines also require the completion of Air Transport Pilot's theory training and MCC (Multi Crew Co-Operation) course before being employed by the airline.

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