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Instrument rating for helicopters includes 150 hours of theory and a total of 55 hours of flight training. The theory training must be completed within 18 months and flight training during the validity period of the theory tests. The duration of training is about 3-4 months.

After the course, the applicant achieves the rating to fly a helicopter according to the instrument flight rules up to a resolution height of 200 feet.

In Finland, a helicopter's instrument flight rating is required mainly for medical helicopter operations and abroad, especially for transport flight duties, e.g. for oil rigs.

The training consists of:


  • 150 hours of theory training

  • 45 or 40 hours of flight training with EC135 helicopter flight training equipment

  • 10 hours of flight training with EC135 helicopter

  • Flight test with EC135 helicopter

Requirements  to participate the training:

  • PPL(H) license and night flight rating, or CPL(H) license

  • The applicant must have completed at least 50 hours of passenger flight time as pilot-in-command in an aeroplane, TMG motor glider, helicopter or airship, of which at least 10 hours, or 20 hours in the case of airships, must have been completed in an aircraft of the relevant group.

  • EC135 helicopter type rating or an approved EC135 helicopter type course (if necessary, SL Flight Training will train before the start of the course)

  • Medical qualification category 1

If the applicant has a helicopter night flight (NF) rating, the training can be reduced down to 50 hours. If the applicant has an instrument rating for airplanes, the flight training can be reduced down to 10 hours. 

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