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The training of private pilot licence for helicopters, PPL(H), includes 110 hours of theory and a total of 45 hours of flight training on a Robinson R44 helicopter.

The holder of a PPL(H) license has the right to act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot in a helicopter without compensation in non-commercial flight operations on the type of helicopter used in training.

Training consists of:


  • 110 hours of theory training

  • 45 hours of light training with an R44 helicopter, of which 10 flight hours are solo flights

  • School and aviation authority's final theory exams

  • Flight test with a R44 helicopter (received by the authority)

An applicant who has a flight license for another aircraft group, excluding hot air balloons, will be credited with 10 percent of the total flight time as the pilot of that aircraft up to a maximum of 6 hours. Possible refunds for the applicant are always determined individually.


The R44 helicopter is a four-seater type of helicopter commonly used in private and commercial aviation in Finland. The R44 helicopter is very suitable for elementary training, as its handling characteristics are suitable for a student. SL Flight Training recommends completing private pilot training specifically with that type of helicopter.

In Finland, a helicopter enables freedom of movement and reaching destinations directly from the air. The landowner's permission is required for landing, and the landing sites must be of sufficient size. After obtaining a private pilot's license, it is also possible to continue studying to become a helicopter pilot.

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