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Professional pilot training and professional helicopter pilot training takes about two years. After completing the training unit, the student has a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) and ATPL (Frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence) theories. Fixed-wing aircraft students will also have  ME/IR (Multi-Engine/Instrument Rating) with qualifications and MCC (Multi Crew Co-ordination).

Admission requirements for the Professional Pilot and Professional Helicopter Pilot Study Lines:

  • A high school diploma or at least a three-year professional basic degree 

  • Good oral English skills, i.e. "working knowledge" (English is both a working and educational language)

  • Good understanding of mathematics and physics

  • Normal state of health: general practitioner's statement using the form "Doctor's statement on health status" (form T)

  • Immaculate background. In the security clearance conducted by the security police, there must be no obstacles to training as a professional pilot and working on the airport airside


Before the start of the course, applicants go through a selection procedure, the purpose of which is to ensure the person's suitability as a pilot.

Before starting the training, those selected will go through the medical qualification class 1 (CPL/ATPL) testing of the center of aviation medicine. A person with normal health will pass this test.


The duration of the basic education phase is about two years. Students are responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses.

Students enter into an agreement for training with SL Flight Training, to which the course fee is also paid.


We try to place students who have completed a license and/or license-related qualifications in other courses that have already started. Completed licenses/qualifications will be refunded in the course fee.


Order the application form and send any questions about the course to the address



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