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We use Cessna 152 and Piper PA-28RT Turbo Arrow airplanes for flight training. In helicopter training we use Robinsson R44, EC120B and EC135 helicopters. 


Most of the company's aircraft fleet is permanently kept at Helsinki-Vantaa and Tampere Pirkkala airports. if necessary, the aircrafts can also be transferred to other parts of Finland.


The Cessna 152 is widely used in flight trainings all around the world by most of the flight academies. Practice has shown the machine to be the best for training use. Most of the training aimed at the private pilot's license is flown with a Cessna 152 plane, which, due to its lightness, is a plane that is easy to control and responds quickly to control movements.

light 4-seater aircraft coming in to land. Piper Turbo Arrow IV with characteristic T-shap


The Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV is the flight school's most powerful and versatile single-engine aircraft. As a larger machine, equipped with both a variable speed propeller and retractable landing gear, it requires significantly more flight experience from the pilot. The plane is mainly flown during the commercial pilot training stages.


The EC135 helicopter is a multi-engine aircraft that is commonly used in Finland and internationally, e.g. as medical helicopters. Type training includes 55 hours of theory and a total of 17 hours of flight training with an EC135 ground trainer and an EC135 helicopter.

small commercial helicopter at the airport.jpg


The EC120 helicopter is well suited for charter flight, aerial work and training use.

The EC120 helicopter flies with an Arrius turbine engine and use by more than 400 commercial helicopter operators in the world.


The Robinson R44 is a multi-purpose light helicopter perfectly suited for aerial work and training. The R44 helicopter is currently the world's most popular training helicopter, which is also commonly used in commercial flight operations internationally.

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