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Private pilot training is the first step towards a hobby or career in aviation. A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) entitles you to fly non commercially in daytime conditions and in fair weather. The licence can be supplemented with various qualifications, such as night, water or instrument flight qualifications.

Our private pilot's license course consists of theory and flight training. The theory part is covered as classroom trainings. Our professional instructors are mainly the company's own flight instructors. The amount of theory training is 100 hours and it includes, for example, theory of flight, flight navigation, meteorology, aircraft technology and aviation regulations. Completing the course takes about three to four months as a full-time student. The aviation academy organizes its own tests for all subjects, in addition to  Civil Aviation Administration Traficom's tests.


The minimum age for a private pilot's license is 17 years. The courses are organized at our Helsinki-Vantaa and Tampere-Pirkkala airport locations. Flight training is carried out entirely on a Cessna 152 aircraft. The training program includes about 45 hours of flights, some of which are flown as passenger flights to different parts of Finland.

You can also complete a night flight qualification (NF) at the same time as the PPL license, which entitles you to fly in accordance with visual flight rules even in the dark. If completed later, the night flight qualification includes 5 flight hours.

Already at the private pilot stage, we take into account further opportunities for a career in aviation, both in terms of theory teaching and flight operations. After the PPL course, it is easy to continue to become a professional pilot with SL Flight Training's courses.

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