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Helicopter Medical Service


Our Commercial Helicopter Pilot  / CPL (H)  consists of the required theory- and flight trainings, including 750 hours of theory and 135 hours of flight training. The study program  lasts approx. 18 months. As a full-time study, the duration is about 1.5 years, depending on the student's activity, study pace and progression. The training provides the skills and qualifications required to work as a helicopter pilot in commercial aviation or in aerial work. It is also possible to specialize in HEMS operations after the training and once necessary flight experience has been gained.

Training Program:


  • During the first phase of the program the student will participate in PPL(H) training including 100 hours of theory and 45 hours of flight training with an R44 helicopter. 

  • During the second phase, flight training with an R44 helicopter and an EC135 FTD3-level training device will be given for resulting in a total of 135 hours of flight training.

  • In connection with the flight training, 650 hours of theory training for helicopter traffic pilots are studied. 

  • Finally, the authority's theory tests and the commercial pilot's flight test are performed.

The applicant can be accepted for the training program without previous flight experience or as a PPL(H) license holder. The holder of a PPL(H) license shall be credited with 50 per cent of the relevant experience, subject to a maximum of a) 40 hours, of which no more than 20 hours may be flight training, or; b) 50 hours, of which a maximum of 25 hours may be training flights, if the applicant has a helicopter night flight qualification.

After the CPL (H) course, the students have the opportunity to find versatile employment in Finland or internationally. The helicopter pilots we have trained have been employed by e.g. Helsinki Citycopter, FinHEMS and Heliwest.

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