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SL Flight Training | Salpauslento is globally involved in the development of air transport innovations and electric aviation to promote the industry. Our goal is to build awareness and understanding focused on electric aviation in our region, and to participate in concretely building training related to the revolution in aviation.


Electronic flying is a viable option for the future in Finland, but its promotion requires extensive cooperation aimed at the introduction of new technology and the renewal of air traffic operating models. There are favorable conditions for electric flying in Finland, and electronic flight equipment creates opportunities for, for example, more cost-effective operation of regional flights.


Electric flying starts with smaller eVTOL aircrafts carrying 2-6 of passengers As battery technology develops, the capacity and range of airplanes will increase, and the demand for electric flying in the Nordic countries will mainly  build up of the needs of tourism and industry. In tourism and freight transport, electric flying will create a framework for creating sustainable and responsible concepts.

Traficom Finland published in June 2022  the Electronic flying in Finland report. In the United States, commercial flights operated with eVTOL aircraft are expected to begin in 2024. The European Union's aviation safety agency EASA will determine the authority's regulatory basis and training requirements for eVTOL electric helicopters approved for air traffic in Europe and Finland in the near future. In Finland, electric flights are expected to start in the late 2020s.


Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL aircraft) that are developing on the threshold of the revolution in the aviation industry will increase the need for training both in the aviation industry in general and among stakeholders related to aviation. 

We are preparing for the electrification of the aviation industry by cooperating internationally with the most advanced aircraft manufacturers and experts in the field.

We organize industry-related webinars, seminars and customized packages for aviation industry professionals, stakeholders and those interested in the industry. Our goal is to be among the first to also offer pilot training when EASA determines the training requirements for eVTOL aircraft in the future. We regularly visit industry conferences and actively follow the development of electric aviation, and we are happy to share related expertise to promote the development of the industry in Finland.

We are organizing the next free webinar on the development of electric aviation for professionals, those interested in the subject, and aviation enthusiasts in the fall of 2023. What would you like to know about the development of eVTOL flight equipment? Send us your questions in advance from hereand we take them into account when planning the webinar program and speakers. 

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