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Hundreds of our flight students have been hired by airlines around the world working as airline pilots with domestic and international airlines. Our Professional Commercial Pilot Training gives you the necessary training from the basics of flying to becoming a commercial pilot, so you do not need previous aviation experience to apply for the study program. The duration of the studies is a total of about two years and three months.

Our training is in accordance with EASA regulations.

SL Flight Training | Salpauslento Professional Commercial Pilot Training students are entitled to study grants for secondary education in Finland.

The professional pilot's study line is a modular study program because, compared to integrated courses, this option offers better opportunities to modify the training program to suit each student and better opportunities to monitor the student's progress. In modular training, the control of the student's competence and the quality of the education is at the best possible level, because in addition to the school's own theory tests, each student must take the aviation authority's (Traficom) theory tests at the end of each section. In addition, Traficom's examiner conducts a skill test for each student after each study module.

The sections of the professional pilot study line in the order of completion are:

  • Integrated commercial pilot training CPL(A)

    • 300 hours of theory

    • training flights (C152/C172/P28RT) 98 hours

    • pilot-in-command (PIC) 82 hours

  • ATPL(A) theory course for commercial pilot license

    • 450 hours of theory

  • Instrument rating IR(A)

    • simulator flights (FNPTII)  max 35 hours

    • school flights (PA28RT) min 15 hours

  • Cockpit cooperation training MCC

    • 25 hours of theory

    • flight training (FNPTII) 20 hours

Most of the theory training takes place at our premises at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Parts of the flight training can also be completed in Tampere-Pirkkala.

After completing the training at SL Flight Training, the student has a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) with ME/IR (Multi-Engine/Instrument Rating) qualifications as well as MCC (Multi Crew Co-ordination) and ATPL (Frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence) theories. After training, the students can be hired by airlines operating in Finland or abroad, and the pilots we trained have been employed, e.g. For Finnair, Norra and Qatar Airways.

Price. 136 400 € (Incl. VAT)

Any questions about the training can be sent to SL Flight Training's email address

You can apply for the Professional Pilot Study Line all year round, studies usually start in the fall, but in some cases it is also possible to start the training in a customized way in the middle of the semester.

You can find more information about applying and entry requirements on the page admissions.

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